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Partial Stalls Ban Report Will Grab Retailers' Attention

by 5m Editor
29 March 2012, at 6:51am

UK - BPEX is busy putting the finishing touches to a hard-hitting report on the market impacts of the January 2013 partial stalls ban.

The report will be launched in London on 11 April and is likely to have a major impact on politicians and retailers alike.

It will look at likely levels of non-compliance by European Union member countries and will spell out the decline in the European herd that can be expected as producers quit the industry.

BPEX chairman Stewart Houston will present the report in Brussels on 11 April.

It is expected reputable retailers in Europe will want to source pork from compliant farms to avoid the public relations disaster of being caught selling illegal pork.

Some countries with a high level of compliance may even attempt to ban the import of non-compliant pork.

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