Prize-winning Farm Faces Pig Torture Allegation

by 5m Editor
2 March 2012, at 8:46am

SPAIN - An animal welfare association has denounced the alleged brutal treatment of pigs in a prize-winning farm in Murcia to the penal courts in Madrid.

According to Costa News, the NGO, Igualdad Animal, released a shocking video showing the violence and cruelty of three workers against pregnant and adult pigs at the El Escobar farm in Fuente Álamo, close to Murcia city.

The workers used iron bars to beat the animals, stabbed them to death with swords and tortured pregnant pigs to death - and then boasted about it.

The farm owner said he had no idea this was happening on the farm and the workers would be sacked. "The animals are sacrificed with a shotgun and we do not breed adult animals, only piglets," he stated.

However, the worker who uncovered the abuses and filmed them states that the owners were aware of what was happening. The videos were recorded from September 2010 to January 2012.

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