Producers Owed Firm Stance on Partial Stalls

by 5m Editor
20 March 2012, at 8:26am

EU - A National Pig Association delegation will travel to Brussels this week to call for swift and decisive action against countries that fail to comply with the January 2013 partial stalls ban.

During a British breakfast for MEPs, NPA director Stewart Houston will tell members of the European Parliament that they must hold the Commission accountable on its implementation of the ban.

In addition, he will ask members to ensure there is proper enforcement, and that "robust and rapid" infraction proceedings will be levied against non-compliant member states, as has been the case with the Welfare of Laying Hens Directive. Mr Houston will also call for greater transparency in the handling of breaches.

The Commission has asked all member countries to supply an action plan ahead of the January 2013 deadline.

This information should be shared, the NPA director will say.

Mr Houston said: “The good name of the European pig industry and European pork depends on the stalls directive being implemented fully, faithfully, and on time.

“Anything less will undermine the considerable investment being made by compliant producers and will also be letting down European consumers, most of whom are clear that they want all sows out of stalls — as they have been in the United Kingdom for thirteen years.“

At a stakeholder meeting on the ban this week including European Commission officials, representatives of member countries, retailers, European farmers’ union Copa-Cogeca and animal welfare groups, Mr Houston will stress that member states owe it to their compliant producers to protect them from non-compliant neighbours.

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