Shout Prices Have Lost Ground to Make Up

by 5m Editor
19 March 2012, at 6:48am

UK - As predicted, dwindling pig supplies are putting more upward pressure on the market and although Tulip moved up by a modest penny, the gap between spot and shout prices continues to widen much to the disappointment of many loyal contract suppliers, writes Peter Crichton.

This pattern is likely to be repeated in the weeks ahead and shout prices will need to react accordingly to compete with spot.

The results of the Shout Price Handicap Stakes are as follows:

1. 143p Woodhead.
2. 142p Gill.
3. 140p Tulip.
4. 139p Cranswick and Vion.

Although spot bacon buyers opened with bids in the 143p region, some had to be 145p-plus to get the numbers required.

Despite a weakening euro which traded on Friday worth 83.16p, improving cull sow prices are continuing to underline better European Union mainland pig meat demand and cull sow quotes this week were in the 126p–129p range with the odd copper more available for large loads.

Weaner prices have however remained steady with the latest Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board 30kg ex-farm average almost static at 345.57/head, although useful premiums of 32– 34/head were still available for Freedom Food weaners.

However the weaner market remains overshadowed by high feed cereal costs with ex-farm wheat now traded at 3162/tonne and March–May futures prices are an eye-watering 3172/tonne.