Shouts Still Behind the Market

by 5m Editor
12 March 2012, at 6:19am

UK - DAPP is rising and Tulip added to the price upturn with another 2p on its shout price for the second week running. But contract prices are still behind spot quotes, writes Peter Crichton.

The shout price league table now reads as follows:

1. 142p Woodhead.
2. 141p Gill.
3. 139p Cranswick, Tulip, Vion.

Although one or two spot bidders suggested they would like to buy at less than 140p, as it turned out most spot bacon was traded in the 140p–142p range with useful premiums for Freedom Food and gilt pigs.

The recent improvement in prices is tending to be supply- rather than demand-led with numbers continuing to tighten. Continuing blue ear problems on Yorkshire and East Anglia units suggest supplies in the months ahead may also be on the tight side.

The euro ended the week very slightly firmer worth 83.62p and cull sows were traded anywhere between 124p and 128p in the main, but one processor commented that he thought they were probably worth more in Britain than in Europe so perhaps we will see some German ones on our doorstep next week!

Not much movement however in the weaner market where the latest AHDB 30kg ex-farm average remains virtually static at 344.85/head with worries about high feed prices putting something of a lid on demand, although if finished pig prices continue to move ahead 30kg weaners are facing a much better future than previously.

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