Taiwanese Pig Farmers Anxious About Bankruptcy

by 5m Editor
28 March 2012, at 10:17am

TAIWAN - Hog industry representatives yesterday voiced their worries about how 50 per cent of hog farmers are likely to face bankruptcy by October as a result of the country's falling pork prices.

According to Focus Taiwan News Channel, the COA's (Council of Agriculture) move to control hog numbers auctioned in markets can only raise future hog prices, said Chang Wen-Shan, chairman of the Pingtung County Hog Farmers Association.

According to Mr Wen-shan, due to the slow cycle of the hog industry, it will take at least 14 months before hog prices start picking up.

His comments came after Agricultural Minister Chen Bao-ji said last Tuesday at a legislative session that the COA will help return the hog price to a base level of NT$6,500 (US$219) per 100 kilograms. Chen also said the agency will immediately increase the hog inventory to 9,000 heads and inspect pig farms across the country to control hog supply.

Yen Chen-tou, chairman of the Tainan City Hog Farmers Association, said domestic auction price for hogs currently stands at NT$5,000 per 100 kilograms, while in China, price is NT$7,000 per 100 kilograms.

He urged the government to promote exports of pork to China to help offset a glut of pork in the domestic market.

Kang Fu-hu, chairman of the Yunlin County Hog Farmers Association, suggested the government inspect the overall number of hogs in the country regularly to monitor hog supply.