Adjumani Residents Defy Quarantine on Pigs

by 5m Editor
10 April 2012, at 9:28am

UGANDA - Efforts to contain African swine fever, which broke out in Adjumani District seven months ago, is being hindered by residents' defiance of a quarantine imposed by the veterinary department.

The District Veterinary Officer, Dr David Okello, yesterday told Daily Monitor that residents have continued to transport and slaughter pigs and sell pork in disregard of the quarantine.

Dr Okello identified the affected villages as Patua, Pagirinya, Pavuraga and Molupoda. The disease has killed more than 250 pigs.

He noted that there has been laxity in the enforcement of the quarantine, adding that the district does not have a specific by-law that could be used to enforce the quarantine.

Dr Okello urged local leaders, law enforcers and the public to ensure that the quarantine is followed.

He warned that people who continue to disregard the quarantine would be prosecuted.

Dr Okello said some farmers smoke the carcasses of the dead pigs and sell them to people claiming they are dry bush meat which is on high demand in the district.

He said: “This is very wrong and can only escalate the spread of the disease.“

A farmer in Pavuraga Village, Mr Emmanuel Mori, said: “More sensitisation should be done and a by-law should be passed so that enforcement can be efficient.“