Calls for Stringent Border Controls Renewed

by 5m Editor
3 April 2012, at 6:41am

NEW ZEALAND - Pork industry officials have renewed a call for consistent border controls to prevent the risk of a serious pig disease entering the country.

Radio New Zealand reports that New Zealand Pork has launched an advertising campaign on what it calls the pig industry's number-one enemy, Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS).

The disease can cause abortions and respiratory complaints in pigs and kill piglets.

Last year the Government proposed changes to import health standards which would allow some pig meat imports from countries which have PRRS, to bypass treatment procedures.

NZ Pork challenged that in the High Court, saying the changes would increase the risk of PRRS entering the country.

Chair Ian Carter says the advertising campaign will reiterate that, while the industry awaits the High Court decision.

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