March Pork Export Volume and Value Rise

by 5m Editor
24 April 2012, at 8:07am

BRAZIL - The volume of pork exported in March rose compared to a month earlier, and the US$-value was also up.

According to the latest figures from ABIPECS, Brazil exported 47,787 tons of pork in March, down higher by as much as 7.87 per cent compared to the previous year. The total amount of pork exported in 2012 is 123,732 tons, compared to 118,168 tons in 2011, and this was up by 4.71 per cent.

The value of export sales in March was US $121.5 million, up 3.48 per cent compared to March 2011. The total value of exports in 2012 till March is US $315.3 compared to US $311 in 2011.