Massive Growth in Meat Exports

by 5m Editor
4 April 2012, at 8:02am

UK - Exports of livestock products rose to 32.325 billion in 2011, an increase of 22 per cent from 2010, according to data released by EBLEX and BPEX.

In 2006, the first year following the resumption of beef exports, total livestock product exports represented only 31.032 billion.

Carcase meat exports make up the vast majority of these exports, with beef representing 18.8 per cent, lamb and mutton 16.3 per cent, poultry 13.1 per cent and pork 7.4 per cent of the total value. The fastest growing category is beef offal, sales of which have more than doubled over the last two years. The fastest growing export region is the Far East.

Jean-Pierre Garnier, export manager for EBLEX and BPEX, said: “These impressive figures vindicate our efforts and those of individual exporters to boost exports of livestock products over the last few years.

“Global forces such as tight supply and a favourable exchange rate have certainly played a part in increasing our export opportunities, however without strategic planning and hard work we would not be in a position to take advantage of the situation.

“We are particularly pleased to see such positive results from our activities around offal and by-products as well as our joint initiatives with Government to open new markets.

“With a strong export plan in place for 2012-13, we can foresee further expansion not only in our core Western European markets but also in the Far East, Sub-Saharan Africa and many other markets.“

“There is certainly a high level of enthusiasm and confidence among meat exporters which augurs well for the future.“