Success of Pig Health Project in Chile

20 April 2012, at 9:40am

CHILE - An experiment to compartmentalise pigs in Chile to ensure high biosecurity and health has been approved by the World Organisation for Animal Health.

The experiment to ensure a high health zone for pigs was run by the Chilean department of agriculture, the pork producers association, ASPROCER and one of the leading pig industry companies.

The project was to develop and implement a high health zone agribusiness for pigs in the Huasco Valley.

The experiment was concluded on 20 January this year.

Now Bernard Vallat from the OIE applauded the project saying it was based on sound biosecurity and contingency plans and developed in close collaboration between SAG - the agriculture ministry department - and the company.

SAG has also congratualted those working in the project for the cooperation shown between the public and private sector.

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