Pork Prices Stay High Despite Govt Fuel Freeze

by 5m Editor
22 May 2012, at 7:25am

THAILAND - Government attempts to keep down fuel prices are not helping reduce the cost of farm products, according to vendors at a downtown fresh food market.

According to Bangkok Post, Pattaradorn Limkraiwattana, a pork trader at Mae Kim Heng market in Nakhon Ratchasima municipality, said a government measure to freeze fuel prices in the transport sector has not helped bring down pork prices.

She said the price of pork sold at farms has only gone down 2 baht a kilogramme, not enough for pork traders at the market to reduce prices on all cuts of pork.

Traders can only reduce prices by 4 baht per kg on tenderloin and pork leg, Ms Pattaradorn said. She said pork at the market is still generally priced at between 140-150 baht per kg.

On 14 May, the cabinet approved a proposal from the Energy Policy Administration Committee to freeze prices on fuel. Planned increases in the price of compressed natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas for the transport sector are to be put on hold for three months.