Rosy Outlook for Pork Producers

by 5m Editor
17 May 2012, at 8:52am

AUSTRALIA - Australian pig meat production is on the rise, driven by strong local and international demand.

By 2016/17, consumption of pork meat products in Australia is expected to increase from about 25 kilograms a year per person, to 25.6 kilograms, Agricultural Minister Joe Ludwig said in a statement.

According to NineMSN, producers were keeping up with the demand, partly driven by higher retail prices for beef and lamb.

In 2012/13, demand was expected to rise by one per cent to more than 352,000 tonnes.

Overseas demand was also strong, and there had been an eight per cent drop in imports since the beginning of the year.

By 2016/17, Mr Ludwig said Australia was likely to export about 36,000 tonnes of pig meat a year.