Pig Industry Assurance Summit

by 5m Editor
4 June 2012, at 9:48am

UK - Representatives from the pig production supply chain met at a Pig Assurance Summit on Monday, 28 May.

The summit debated possible options to reinforce and build on the values of the Red Tractor – pig assurance scheme in terms of high welfare, integrity and independence.

The summit agreed to develop a number of possible refinements to the current standards in the areas of:

  • Maintaining inspection frequency but introducing more spot checks/unannounced visits, standardising training or assessors and greater clarity on sanctions

  • A service to enable individuals to report concerns relating to pig husbandry

  • Clarification of appropriate methodologies for undertaking emergency euthanasia in the light of anticipated legislative change

  • Incorporation of ‘Real Welfare’ pig observation scores within quarterly veterinary reviews

Delegates at the summit stated that any amendments to the scheme must be considered decisions to build on the values of the Red Tractor brand rather than a knee jerk response to any specific past events.

The Red Tractor Pigs Board and Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will now review these developments with a view of incorporating any changes within the current standards in early 2013 year following wider industry and retail consultation and three month notification period to scheme members.

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