Reduction in Iberian Pig Population in Andalusia

by 5m Editor
1 June 2012, at 7:15am

SPAIN - The Iberian pig population in Andalusia, which feed exclusively on pasture, has been reduced by 60 per cent in the last two years, with a corresponding equivalent in production.

According to data provided by the Andalusian Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Enterprises (FAECA), the Iberian pig population has gone from 570,522 animals registered in 2009 to 214,716 in 2011. This is the steepest decline of all regions that have livestock of these characteristics.

Figures from the Working Group of the Iberian Pig FAECA show that the quality standard of the Iberian-approved in 2007 - designed to protect the Iberian breed, ensure sustainability of the pasture ecosystem and ensure transparency consumer - "has been completely ineffective."

FAECA has demanded a new law that protects only Iberian pig production.