TPP Invitation Could Enhance Pork Possibilities

by 5m Editor
21 June 2012, at 7:10am

CANADA - The Canadian Pork Council (CPC) is pleased to learn that Canada has been invited to participate in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The successful completion of these trade talks can significantly enhance long term market possibilities for Canadian pork.

“The continuous efforts to open new and existing markets by the federal government will increase export opportunities for Canadian pork,“ stated CPC’s Chair Jean-Guy Vincent. “A seat at the TPP negotiation table is an opening for Canada to secure long term market development opportunities, and to enhance its terms of trade with free trade agreement partners, who are, or wish to be TPP participants.

“The Pacific region is comprised of many economically emerging countries that are experiencing significant growth in both per capita incomes and population. These conditions generally lead to rapid increases in consumption and importation of meat products,“ added Mr Vincent. “Many of Canada fastest growing pork export markets are in this region and pork exports to its top ten Pacific Asian markets, in addition to Japan, have quadrupled over the past ten years to now exceed $600 million on an annual basis.“

Export access is of crucial importance to the Canadian pork industry. Canadian pork exports in 2011 exceeded $3.2 billion and about two-thirds of Canada pork production is exported. With constantly changing conditions of export competition exchange rates, agricultural policy and technical barriers - Canada’s pork producers are extremely concerned that Canada does not fall behind the United States and to other competitors in terms of access acquired through regional trade agreements. The CPC is thus very supportive of the federal government’s current pro-trade agenda, seeking improved terms of trade for Canada through agreements with the European Union, Japan, South Korea and now, the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Bob Stallman, President, American Farm Bureau Federation, also backed the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.

“The American Farm Bureau Federation supports the addition of Canada as a negotiating partner in the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. As a major U.S. trading partner, Canada will bolster the reach of the TPP negotiations for US agriculture," he said.

“As the second-largest U.S. agricultural export market, with more than $18 billion in sales in 2011, Canada is crucial to U.S. agriculture. Both our nations will benefit from Canada being a TPP partner, and through sharing in improved sanitary and phytosanitary standards for agricultural trade and expanded market access with TPP nations.

“It’s important that new entrants to the TPP recognize this is a comprehensive agreement and that individual sectors should not be excluded from the negotiation. Both Canada and Mexico being invited to join the TPP provides opportunity to strengthen trade relationships, address remaining barriers and improve the competitiveness of the North American market.“