Government Discusses Measures to Support the Pig Sector

11 July 2012, at 8:53am

BRAZIL - The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, Mendes Ribeiro Filho, met with Congress to discuss measures to support the pig sector.

The Federal Government's proposal will be presented to pork producers on Thursday, 12 March, during a public hearing in the Senate Agriculture Committee.

Among the measures, the extension of debt relief and the creation of a special credit line, will form part of the wider package of support, helping to solve specific problems in some agricultural sectors.

In recent weeks, the government stepped up negotiations with the industry in order to ease the pig crisis.

Mr Mendes Ribeiro met with the productive sector, industry representatives and producers in order to find an emergency exit, due to the deepening crisis.

"We are attentive and committed to supporting the sector going through difficulty," said the deputies and senators present at the meeting.