Huge Fines for Breaches of ASF Regulations

4 July 2012, at 8:12am

RUSSIA - As part of the measures to prevent the spread of African Swine Fever in Russia, Rosselkhoznador conducted 172 spot checks on behalf of the Russian Prosecutor General in Moscow and the Moscow and Tula regions.

There were 70 checks on hunting establishments, 10 on pig farms, 22 on slaughterhouses and 33 on meat processing plants. Rosselkhoznador also carried out three checks at markets and another 34 in public institutions.

The inspections found "systematic violations" on all the inspections.

The inspectors found that the purchase of feed or meat products is being carried out without accompanying veterinary documents or there were numerous violations that meant the quality and safety of the goods could not be guaranteed.

The inspectors also found that there was no organised collection and disposal of biological waste from businesses, which directly threatens a sread of the disease.

When inspecting hunting establishments, in Moscow and Tula regions, the inspectors also found that designated areas were not controlled for the cutting and processing of hunted animalsand did not respect anysanitation regulations for butchery.

There was also no veterinary-sanitary examination of carcases of the hunted animals and no laboratory test of pathological material from the slaughtered animals, including to monitor the ASF virus.

No measures were being taken to reduce the numbers and migratory activity of wild boar.

Many businesses also engaged in the containment, slaughtering and processing pigs without complying with the necessary regulations and Rosselkhoznador said that the general condition of the animal health business was poor.

All of these breaches of the regulations could lead to the introduction and spread of ASF virus in the three regions.

All offenders have been brought to court and the total fines amounted to 490,000 rubles.

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