Minister Concerned Over Deteriorating ASF Situation in Tver Region

9 July 2012, at 9:44am

RUSSIA - The Russian Agriculture Minister, Nikolai Fyodorov, has sent the governor of Tver Region, Andrew Shevelyov, a letter in which he expresses grave concern at the deteriorating African Swine Fever (ASF) situation in the region.

The first outbreak of ASF in the region was in May 2011. Due to the lack of quarantine measures the disease has continued to spread throughout the region.

Thus, during 2012 nine new areas were recorded as having ASF - three in domestic swine and six in wild boar.

On 29 June 2012 the situation has deteriorated further with six new outbreaks in the Tver region.

"This situation contributes to the spread of the disease, increases the risk of economic damage and has caused the spread of ASF to other regions," Nikolai Fyodorov said in his letter.

He also stated the need to "establish restrictive measures for ASF and to take comprehensive measures to prevent the further spread and to eliminate ASF in the Tver region."