New Carcass Grading Method Authorised for Denmark

18 July 2012, at 10:31am

DENMARK - The European Commission (EC) has amended Decision 2009/11/EC, authorising the use of a new version of automatic equipment, AutoFOM, for Danish pig slaughterhouses.

Commission Decision 2009/12/EC authorises six methods for grading pig carcasses in Denmark.

Denmark has stated that the development of the automatic equipment, AutoFOM, in a version called ‘version III’ makes its use and calibration aimed at Danish slaughterhouses desirable. It is, therefore, necessary to obtain the formula for this new method.

Denmark has requested the Commission to authorise that new method for grading pig carcasses on its territory and has presented a detailed description of the dissection trial, indicating the principles on which this method is based, the results of its dissection trial and the equation used for assessing the percentage of lean meat in the protocol provided for in Article 23(4) of Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1249/2008 of 10 December 2008 laying down detailed rules on the implementation of the Community scales for the classification of beef, pig and sheep carcasses and the reporting of prices.

After examination of that request, the EC has ruled that the conditions for authorising that grading method are fulfilled and said that it should be authorised in Denmark.

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