New Outbreaks of ASF in Krasnodar, Volgograd Regions

27 July 2012, at 10:31am

RUSSIA - Three new outbreaks of African Swine fever have been reported by the Russian Veterinary service in the regions of Krasnodar and Volgograd.

In the study of samples of pathological material selected from dead pigs, at the prinadlevshih enterprise Ltd "Krasnodar fattening complex", which is located two kilometers north-west of the village Marianské Marianské, Krasnodar Territory, tests confirmed ASF.

The farm contains 3,900 pigs of different age groups, the district has 24,384 pigs.

The distance from the affected complex to the nearest pig farm owned by JSC "Dankub", which contains more than 11,000 pigs, is about five kilometers.

Earlier, in January and February of this year, in the same area were there were two outbreaks of ASF.

At the outbreak in the "Kuban" Ust-Labinsk district of Krasnodar region, 5700 pigs of the company's 23,000 pigs have been slaughted in order to control the infection.

In the Volgograd Oblast veterinary laboratory ASF was confirmed in the samples of pathological material taken from five pigs that died in a private farm in the village Yar Light Svetloyarskogo.

At the time of occurrence the farm contained 21 pigs.

A draft resolution to establish quarantine and restrictive measures on ASF in the district has been applied.