Pork Results Show Power of In-store Demos by Demoworks

by 5m Editor
26 July 2012, at 6:47am

NEW ZEALAND - How does an 18 per cent increase in consumer sales sound? That’s the result Demoworks achieved for NZ Pork after a fantastically successful in-store supermarket demo campaign.

Demoworks, one of New Zealand’s premiere food demonstration and sampling companies, was recently commissioned by NZ Pork to lure Kiwi shoppers to the delights of its loin roast.

The ensuing in-store tasting and demonstration campaign resulted in an astonishing 18 per cent increase in sales for NZ Pork, proving once and for all that there really is no better way to get brands in front of consumers than sophisticated in-store marketing campaigns.

Demoworks was commissioned to engage supermarket customers around NZ in an experiential demonstration. Demoworks cooked the NZ Pork loin roast in-store, enticing shoppers with the mouth-watering aroma, letting them taste the delicious product for themselves. “Heavenly“ complimented one taster.

Demoworks’ style of in-store food demonstration is more effective than that of competitors because shoppers not only sample the cooked product but are educated on how to cook it themselves. This was key for NZ Pork as research has shown many consumers don’t know how to cook pork. The tips and advice consumers are given during the demonstration mean they walk away feeling confident about cooking it themselves.

Demoworks and Hypermedia general manager Phil Neely says while in-store sampling and demos are by no means new to NZ shoppers, the platform is still widely under-used by most businesses operating in the field of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

“Manufacturers recognise stores as vital locales for consumer marketing and yet we don’t see very high levels of participation from companies looking to increase sales through consumer trials.

“There really is no better way to get their brands in shoppers’ hands - or mouths as the case may be.“

In foreign markets in-store sampling and demonstration campaigns are an integral part of any FMCG marketing mix and are used far more regularly to give customers a new experience as they fulfil their weekly grocery shop.

Wal-Mart in the USA has even gone so far as to create its own demonstration/display stands for its suppliers to leverage, offering a streamlined, consistent demonstration platform to engage shoppers.

“The in-store sampling experience at Wal-Mart is absolutely best-in-class. We’ve renewed our dedication to our customers by providing them with a clean, friendly and consistent experience,“ says Wal-Mart chief marketing officer Stephen Quinn.

In NZ, Demoworks are providing the same level of sophistication to in-store marketing, a fact proven by the skyrocketing NZ Pork sales figures.

Phil Neely says: “Results cover the entire pork SKU range, so despite only demonstrating the loin roast the demonstration campaign as had a considerable impact on overall pork sales. That is particularly pleasing.“

Demonstrations should be a key tool for consideration as part of any FMCG brands marketing mix. With results like those Demoworks achieved for NZ Pork, it’s easy to see why other large FMCG suppliers such as Fonterra and GlaxoSmithKline, are working with the company to create captivating and unique experiences for their customers.