Review: The Pig Journal, Volume 67

20 July 2012, at 10:30am

UK - The latest edition of the Pig Journal, published by the UK Pig Veterinary Society is now available.

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The Pig Journal, which is the oldest journal dedicated to pig health and production, first launched in 1976 has now evolved into a fully-refereed international journal. Currently, two volumes are produced each year by an international team of editors.

Papers in this edition come from Argentina, Austria, France, Germany, Mexico, Romania, Spain and the United Kingdom, and have a considerable variation in content.

In the Clinical Section the current situation and prospects for the control of African Swine Fever is reviewed. There is also a paper which describes the abnormal behaviour of wall-licking and urine drinking in pigs associated with salt deficiency, necessitating a diet reformulation.

We all know the effects of vaccination for PCV2 on piglet growth and performance, and in this volume Maurin-Bernaud et al., show us the value of sow vaccination in improving sow fertility, especially in the second cycle.

In the General Section there is a contribution on the Red Tractor scheme which is a very necessary quality marker for the British pig, especially with the new standards introduced in October 2011

In the Research section the paper of Perez et al., outlines the therapeutic use of fosfomycin for the treatment of intracellular bacterial infections in the respiratory tract, which is a very useful extra antibiotic in the armoury.

Abstracts of the papers can be viewed on the Pig Journal web site.

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