Agricultural Bank Finances Giant Pig Unit

24 August 2012, at 8:04am

RUSSIA - A new pork production complex has been opened in the Kursk region of Russia backed by more than two billion rubles (RUB) from the Russian Agricultural Bank, Rosselkhozbank.

The pig farm at LLC Agropromkomlektatsiya-Kursk has a capacity of 52,000 head and had been built with the use of the latest advanced engineering solutions and technologies for livestock production.

The company has three areas for breeding, feeding and rearing pigs. The breeding unit, designed for 4,800 sows, has already been stocked with animals.

The new complex is the third large animal facility in the Kursk region built with the cooperation of RAB and Agropromkomplektatsiya.

In all, Rosselkhozbank has financed the construction of 10 pig units, three dairy farms and one poultry farm in the region. In all, it has invest about about RUB18 billion in the region.