Breeding Stock Management Course Sets Stage for Professional Swine Manager Program

by 5m Editor
1 August 2012, at 7:36am

US - Looking to enhance your knowledge of breeding stock management? This fall, Peter Neigebauer will instruct a Breeding Stock Management course through South Central Community College's online learning management system. Classes begin 27 August, so don't miss your opportunity to register.

The US Pork Center of Excellence (USPCE), in collaboration with the Pork Checkoff and community college instructors, has developed the community college-level curriculum to help prepare individuals for employment in the swine production field. The complete curriculum series, entitled Professional Swine Manager (PSM), is targeted toward current pork production employees, with a secondary audience of current community or technical college students wishing to enter a pork production unit after graduation.

"I am pleased to instruct this online hybrid course, which will provide a comprehensive study of the swine breeding herd," Mr Neigebauer said. "The class provides students, young and old, the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the breeding herd through convenient online resources, while also experiencing hands-on learning."

Mr Neigebauer has been a swine instructor at South Central Community College for the past 21 years. He also has been involved in the commercial swine production of a 1,400-head farrow-to-wean farm for the past 17 years.

"Completing the curriculum will help participants find employment and advancement opportunities in pork production," said Jim Lummus, producer learning and performance manager for the Pork Checkoff. "And it's a win for the pork industry, with more skilled, trained individuals in the workforce pool."

For a total of three credit hours, the breeding stock management education will focus on the technical aspects of the breeding, gestation and farrowing departments in a swine operation. Topics include the conditioning, care and management of gilts, sows and boars; breeding schedules; breeding methods; stock replacement; herd integration; replacement strategies; gestation management; lactation management; reproductive health considerations and care of piglets prior to weaning.

Cost is approximately $204 per credit hour and is set by South Central Community College. Students will be required to provide their own computer with a speaker or a headset, along with Internet access. Look for more courses in the spring of 2013, including Introduction to Swine Production and Employer/Employee Issues.

For more information and to register, visit For specific course information, contact Pete Neigebauer at (507) 389-7290 or at [email protected].