Can Emotional State Affect Pig Meat Quality?

23 August 2012, at 9:19am

SPAIN - A new project led by researchers from IRTA, the Department of Agriculture of the Catalan government, aims to study how the pig's emotional state affects their meat quality, both on the farm and in the slaughterhouse.

Animal welfare is a concept that includes both physical and mental health of the animal.

"In previous research we realised that emotional state that can be modified by biochemical cells in the body, which can be used as markers of stress," says Dr Antonio Velarde IRTA ANEMOMA and project manager.

"The current project, explains Dr Velarde, seeks to go further and evaluate the effect of gender, genotype, the driving conditions on cognitive bias and identify biomarkers of stress before and during slaughter, in the blood, saliva, brain, intestine and meat."

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