Farmers Rush for Pig Insemination Technology

7 August 2012, at 9:29am

UGANDA - As Makerere University continues to succeed in research, more farmers are increasingly adopting the institution's Artificial insemination technology in Pigs.

First it was successfully helping a pig in Wakiso District deliver up to 15 pigs recorded on November 13, 2011 and the second delivery recorded on 28 January 2012 for a subsistence farmer, Senfuka Henry also in Wakiso district when his pig dropped 12 piglets using the same technology, reports EastAfricanBusinessWeek.

The research work that went on for two and half years at Makerere University Research Institute Kabanyolo (MUARIK) has seen more 30 sows inseminated in Kasangati, eight in Buloba and two in Kabanyolo around MUARIK.

According to Dr Fred Kabi of the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, more farmers continue to flock MUARIK in quest for the technology.

"The method has passed test given the good quality semen and quantities of piglets that improve piggery farming," Dr Kabi said.

In a recent interview with Dr Denis Mpairwe, head Agricultural Production, artificial insemination in pigs is widely practised elsewhere, but had not been successfully implemented in Uganda due to lack of skilled manpower. The principal investigator, Associate Professor David Mutetika confirmed the establishment of a boar stud at MUARIK to examine and distribute good genes to piggery farmers.

"In partnership with other stakeholders like NAADS, piggery farmers country wide will access the technonlogy," Mr Mutetika said.

Among other innovations at the college is the specific Weaner diet for piglets that enables them to effectively transition from breast milk to solid food.

"Weaning is a complex transition which when not handled well can lead to stunted growth," said Geoffrey Beyihayo a researcher at MUK. "Next month, the feed will be accessible to farmers."