Pork Industry Anger over Abattoir Cruelty Footage

7 August 2012, at 8:24am

AUSTRALIA - The meat industry is continuing to disown a New South Wales abattoir that is under investigation over pig abuse allegations.

'Disturbing, 'cruel' and 'senseless' is how another meat processor has described video footage which animal activists say they filmed at Wally's piggery near Canberra, reports ABC Rural.

The piggery is being investigated by the RSPCA and the NSW Food Authority. The industry body, Australian Pork Limited, says the footage is 'indefensible'.

Cowra Meat Processors general manager, Peter Brown, says the latest incident, in which piglets were allegedly thrown and hit with sledgehammers, does not reflect industry slaughter practices and did not occur in a licensed abattoir.

Mr Brown says reports of animal cruelty are 'bad news' for the meat industry and consumer confidence.

"Animal welfare is a big issue these days and the bad operators give all the good operators a bad name," he said.

"The consumer expects quality meat these days and mostly they get it."

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