Russia, Belarus Change Export Rules

14 August 2012, at 10:05am

BELARUS and RUSSIA - Due to the increasing threat of African Swine Fever (ASF) from Russia, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus has changed the rules around imports of live pigs and pork products from Russia.

To be imported by Belarus, pigs and pork products will now need to obtain permission of the Department of Veterinary and Food Supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Belarus.

Requests for permission shall be made by FGIS Argus.

This order is in effect until the stabilisation of ASF in the Russian Federation or if a special decision of the Belarusian authorities is made.

The changes in exportation rules followed a meeting of Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine in Kiev on discussing solutions to combat ASF.

Despite the fact that the outbreak of ASF in Ukraine was suppressed quickly and efficiently, the threat of disease spread from Russia to Ukraine and Belarus remains very high.

Of particular concern to the Belarusian side is the spread of ASF from freely migrating wild boars in Russia.