EU Pig Prices: Slaughter Numbers Unchanged

7 September 2012, at 10:52am

EU - Slaughter of finished pigs has remained unchanged this week in the EU, despite processor demand falling.

Prices were the same as last week's in Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands.

It appears that demand for finished pigs from processing companies has fallen recently, despite numbers remaining unchanged.

Demand for BBQ meat (such as neck) has dropped, in line with seasonal trends.

Despite this, producers are continuing to sell every available pig that is in the weight range.

While feed costs continue to escalate, producers appear to be coping with current pig prices.

This is due to the lower slaughter weights been seen.

The biggest increase in pig prices was in France, where a rise of six euro cents was seen.

In Spain, supply of finished pigs remains scarce, as daily growth rates are affected by the summer heat.

This shortage of supply pushed prices up three euro cents.

An increase in exports in Denmark saw price increase by three euro cents.

In Germany, despite a fall in demand from processors, there doesn't appear to be a backlog of supply.

Market commentators expect supplies to fall in the next week, although non expect this to have a significant impact on price.