Humane Society Uses 'Bullying Tactic', Says NPPC

25 September 2012, at 7:59am

US - The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) CEO Neil Dierks has released a statement on the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) latest ‘bullying tactic’.

“NPPC is reviewing the HSUS complaint, but it appears there is no legal merit to this claim, and it is another desperate attempt by the radical activist group to severely curtail animal agriculture and take away consumer food choices," said Mr Dierks.

"What does merit concern, however, is the fact that HSUS preys on the emotions of domestic pet owners with deceptive advertising and fundraising. It raises money on images of abused puppies without homes, yet virtually none of those funds go to local shelters. Instead those dollars go toward multimillion dollar campaigns to attack family farmers and American meat production."

“This also is the latest bullying tactic by HSUS in its efforts to force NPPC to abandon its position on allowing farmers to choose production practices that are best for the welfare of their animals."

"Over the past few months, HSUS has threatened NPPC with a Federal Trade Commission complaint; filed notice of its intent to sue a number of hog operations over alleged emissions reporting violations; and charged that NPPC was responsible for the deaths of hogs in barn fires because the organisation asked to give input on national fire standards for agricultural facilities. All of the allegations lack merit.“

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