Pork Output to Increase as Coahuila Free of Aujeszky's

10 September 2012, at 8:52am

MEXICO - The state of Coahuila has been declared free of Aujeszky's disease (AD), which is expected to benefit the pork industry by more than 207 million pesos.

This ruling will benefit the trade and marketing of hogs in the state, according to the agriculture ministry, and allow producers to look at increasing production at a competitive and profitable level.

The entire state of Coahuila has been declared Aujeszky's disease-free apart from municipalities of La Laguna.

In order to maintain its new status, the agreement instructs pork producers and competent authorities to apply sanitary measures for diagnosis, prevention, control, surveillance, movement control, transportation, traffic, marketing and traceability of pigs, contained in Mexican Official Standard NOM-007-ZOO-1994, National Campaign against Aujeszky's disease, and current applicable regulations.

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