Reducing the Risk of PRRS

4 September 2012, at 2:50pm

CANADA - A recent Canadian study investigated the risk factors for Porcine Respiratory and Reproductive Syndrome Virus (PRRSv) across 54 herds with breeding sows (including breed-to-wean and breed-to-finish), reports BPEX of the UK.

They found that herds with the following were at least seven times more likely to be infected with PRRS:

  • having a large number of pigs
  • having a herd less than 2.5km from the farm
  • not having a shower before entering the farm, and
  • free access to the site by the fallen stock truck.

While it is not feasible to change herd size or location, tightening up on protocols for staff, visitors and vehicles could be highly beneficial in reducing your risk of breaking down with PRRS according to the Canadian authors.

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Further Reading

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