UK Pig Market Strikes a Balance

11 September 2012, at 8:07am

UK - The finished pig market was balanced during July and early August at a time when prices typically start to fall back as demand eases over the holiday period, according to the latest BPEX UK Pig Meat Market Update.

The monthly average EU-spec DAPP for July was less than a penny higher than in June at 150.45p per kg and the DAPP remained close to this level throughout July and August.

The average price in July was around two pence lower than in July 2011 but by mid August, the DAPP had moved back above its level a year earlier.

As pig slaughterings remained high, albeit with lower carcase weights, price stability suggests consumer demand has held up as the weather improved.

The seasonal increase in carcase weights normally seen in July and August has not been apparent this year, largely the result of high feed costs encouraging producers to market pigs earlier.

The EU average pig price during July was €168.92 per 100kg, around one euro higher than in June but nearly €12 higher than a year earlier.

This was largely driven by price increases in southern Member States, notably Italy which recorded a rise of nearly €20.

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