25 Million Pigs Will Spend Christmas in '' Five Star'' Farms

2 November 2012, at 12:54pm

SPAIN - The last day of October was the deadline for pig producers to present their plans to adapt to the new European standards for animal welfare, which comes into force on the 1 January, 2013. Eighty-five per cent of Spanish holdings will be adapted by December.

According to official data seen by COAG, eight out of 10 Spanish pig farms have adapted their facilities to the new standards of animal welfare in the EU before the end of December.

Previously, farmers have had to submit to the Ministry of Agriculture an adjustment plan, which shows the date of entry into the new regulations.

"Farmers have already shown their willingness and have informed the authorities about future plans, but we have asked the Administration to use this information as an indication, as their plans could suffer some delays for reasons beyond their control: difficulties in accessing credit, delayed regional aid and the lack of material on the market, event grids," noted Jaume Bernis, head of the pig of COAG.

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