Brazil's Pork Exports Continue Upward Trend

29 November 2012, at 9:42am

BRAZIL - The volume and value of pork exported in October were significantly higher than in the same month of 2011, keeping these figures for the first 10 months of 2012 ahead of the previous year's.

According to the latest figures from ABIPECS, Brazil exported 61,742 tons of pork in October, 33.6 per cent more than in same month the previous year. This brings the total volume exported for the first 10 months of this year to 489,927 tons, which is 12.2 per cent more than the same period of 2011.

The value of export sales in October was almost US$166.4 million, up 23.0 per cent from the same month last year. The total value of exports in 2012 up to the end of October was almost US$1,254,1 million, compared to US$1,200.3 million at the same point in 2011, an increase of 4.5 per cent.

Average value of pork exports in October was $2,695 per ton or 7.9 per cent below the figure for the same month in 2011. The average price for pork exports for the year to date is $2,560 per ton, 6.9 per cent down from the average of $2,750 last year.

Top destinations for Brazilian pork in October were Ukraine (volume: 17,083 tons; share: 27.67 per cent), Hong Kong (10,988 tons; 17.80 per cent), Russia (10,819 tons; 17.52 per cent), Angola (5,588 tons, 9.05 per cent) and Venezuela (5,153 tons; 8.35 per cent).

For the year to date, the top destinations are Ukraine (117,651 tonnes; 24.01 per cent), Russia (109,457 tonnes; 22.34 per cent), Hong Kong (103,720 tons; 21.17 per cent), Angola (35,088 tons; 7.16 per cent) and Singapore (23,439 tons; 4.78 per cent)