Fattening Process Bypassed Through Piglet Slaughter

30 November 2012, at 3:25pm

SPAIN - High feed prices has pushed the slaughtering age of pigs down and means that Christmas pork has been ready and frozen since September.

The general secretary of the Professional Association of slaughterhouses and meat companies, Manuel González, has explained that the supply and demand chain is a little disrupted due to piglet slaughter at the beginning of autumn.

According to the pig farmer James Bernis, member of the Spanish Family Farmers Association, many farmers have sent piglets to slaughterhouses 5 or 6 kilos under the fattening phase. This is attributed to feed being 25-30 per cent higher than the previous year and farmers trying to improve cash flow.

President of the Spanish Confederation of Meat Retailers, Joan Estapé i Mir, has expressed has said that consumers need to react to the amounts of young pork products that are ready. He said marketing and sales problems may arise in a 'consumption crisis' if people don't buy more meat.

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