France Rises as Pork Supplier in 2012

by 5m Editor
30 November 2012, at 11:27am

FRANCE - France has a significant impact on market conditions in other Member States of the EU. Last year, France was the sixth largest supplier of pig meat to the UK, but due to lower shipments from other suppliers in 2012, it is now the fourth largest, comprising 11 per cent of pork imported into the UK.

Between May 2011 and May 2012, there was a decline of about one per cent in the French pig herd. This has led to an 8 per cent drop in the past five years.

According to the latest BPEX/AHDB Country Report, the fall in the size of the breeding herd was more marked, with numbers down by three per cent year on year. This is the sharpest fall recorded since 2008.

From January to June 2012, the country's pig slaughterings were just over one per cent lower, compared to a year ago. Throughputs in the first two months of the year were up three per cent year-on-year, and over the following four months, numbers were down by four per cent.

During the first six months of the year, pig meat exports were marginally lower, compared to the same time period in 2011. As a result of tight supplies in other Member States of the EU, shipments rose by 4 per cent. On the other hand, pork exports to non-EU markets declined by 13 per cent, mainly due to reduced exports to Russia. South Korea and the Philippines also took less French pork. The main growth market was China, although exports were up by a mere 19 per cent.

Figures reveal that unlike other red meats, consumers bought more fresh pork in 2012 up to 5 August compared to a year earlier. The one per cent rise came in spite of prices being four per cent higher year on year.

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