MemFis: Manure is Converted into Water, Fertiliser, Substrate

15 November 2012, at 11:50am

GERMANY - With MemFis BD BlueSystems presents an innovative membrane filtration system for use in livestock management which converts manure and fermentation residues into clear water, valuable fertiliser and useful input material for biogas plants in three process stages.

The Big Dutchman company has successfully eliminated the weak points of existing, technically elaborate systems, which have a high energy consumption and which also involve a high cost factor. This was possible also due to the use of innovative technologies which have already proven themselves in two years of practical use. The result is a compact system which is delivered ready for installation on a foundation block.

The three-stage MemFis filtration process includes solid-liquid separation, ultra-filtration and as a last stage reverse osmosis. Of special importance is the second filter stage which features a special “oscillating“ membrane. Thanks to this innovative solution there are no more problems with clogged membranes which have so far been a common problem in existing filtration systems. This results in significantly reduced cleaning requirements, a much improved permeability of the organic ingredients and therefore a stable, long-term operation of the entire system.

Input materials can be pig or cattle manure or fermentation residues. MemFis processes these residues so efficiently that in the end approx. 50 per cent of the input material is converted into distilled-like water which can be discharged into a water reception pond or can be used as part of the drinking water resources for livestock or for cooling or cleaning purposes on the farm. The remaining material can be used or sold as input material replacement in biogas plants or, if the liquid concentration is high enough, also as liquid fertiliser.