Mexico Welcomes Export Opportunities to China

28 November 2012, at 9:14am

MEXICO - A food hygiene body in China has approved a batch of pork products to be exported from the Sonora region.

The National Service of Health, Food Safety and Quality in Mexico has reported that the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China approved the Export Health Certificate for Mexican pork at four facilities.

Exports to China are now possible at Federal Inspection Type (FIT) -57, 66, 74 and 148 - located in the state of Sonora. The national food safety body explained that this export approval is the result of negotiations begun in 2008 by the Mexican Government, which led to the signing of the protocol for the trade in the product between President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa and Premier Wen Jiabao.

Initially it is estimated that fate sent about 10 thousand tons of pork, with a value exceeding $ 35 million, and then seeks to increase shipments to that market, because in the last two years of Chinese pork imports were above 400,000 tons.

This figure is forecast to double by 2020. It is hoped by the government of Mexico that accompanying this progress in the meat markets are improvements for producers long term.

Thanks to joint efforts by Federal and Regional Governments along with meat producers and processors, Mexico has high standards in health and food safety, which allow the country to enter high demand in Asian markets, such as Japan, China, Korea and Singapur.