Pfizer Held Seminar on Future of Iberian Pigs

28 November 2012, at 3:49pm

SPAIN - Pfizer Animal Health with Nutersa, swine consulting company in the area, held the Technical Seminar on 'Present and future of the Iberian pig'.

A report from Vicente Rodríguez, professor of Animal Production at Univeristy of Córdoba, analysed the current situation in the Iberian pig sector by analysing the Iberian pig census, selling prices and raw material prices of the breed.

Professor Rodriguez showed benchmarks to assess and deepened production costs and strategies to reduce them. The review of food production, good breeding and proper handling were the pillars that Vicente Rodriguez stressed as key to improving the economy of enterprises farming Iberian pigs.

Meanwhile, Michael Claver, swine technician Pfizer Animal Health, focused his presentation on strategic medications in swine. Mr Claver presented dose therapies to attendees. The therapies allowed full treatment of the animal with a single administration of antibiotic.

This is of benefit to farmers as it was reported by Mr Claver to save time and avoid errors in dosage and generate less stress on the animal, improving its welfare. In this sense, the expert spoke about Draxxin ® (tulathromycin) and Naxcel ® (ceftiofur), two of Pfizer Animal Health products that meet these characteristics.

Claver also reported on how to make the right medication via water that success in the treatment of the animal, and reviewed the range of soluble Pfizer Animal Health: Soludox ® (doxycycline), Octacillin ® (amoxicillin), Solacyl ® 100% ( sodium salicylate) and Linco-spectin ® 100 (Lincomycin - Spectinomycin), noted for its high solubility and stability contributing definitively to the correct dosing of animals.