Brazilian Pork Exports Continue to Grow

20 December 2012, at 10:20am

BRAZIL - Brazil exported 540,000 tonnes of pork worth US$1.4 billion from January to November 2012.

Missing one month to the end of the year, Brazil reports exports of 540,000 tons of pork in 2012 and a cumulative revenue of US$1.4 billion, reports the Brazilian Association of Producers and Exporters of Pork (ABIPECS).

The Association says this is a good result, taking into account the restrictions that were imposed by Russia to Brazil and Argentina, and the world still in economic crisis, which started in 2008. The result indicates a growth of 12.83 per cent in volume and 4.54 per cent in value from January to November, compared to the same period of 2011.

Main destinations in 2012 were: Ukraine (131,259 tonnes; 24.26 per cent share), Russia (121,459t; 22.45 per cent), Hong Kong (113,788t; 21.03 per cent), Angola (39,851t; 7.37 per cent) and Singapore (25,230t; 4.66 per cent).

In November, exports grew by 18.72 per cent in volume (51,094t) and revenue was $137.32 million. Despite the lower average price compared to November of last year (-11.45 per cent), an increase of 18.72 per cent in export volume and 5.13 per cent in revenue.

In November, the Ukraine led the ranking with a share of 26.63 per cent in Brazilian exports of pork in volume. Russia came in second with 23.49 per cent. Regarding export value for the month, Russia accounted for 26.84 per cent, and 26.13 per cent for Ukraine.

For Russia, Brazil sold 121,459t from January to November, with revenue of $350.61 million. This result represents a drop of 1.71 per cent in volume and nine per cent in value compared to January-November 2011.

For Ukraine, exports in the year to reach 131,259t worth $338.66 million, an increase of 128 per cent in volume and 99 per cent in value compared to the same period last year.

To Hong Kong, Brazil exported 113,788t with a value of $278.35 million in the year, a decrease of 5.30 per cent in volume and 6.33 per cent in revenue over the same period of 2011.

Sales to Argentina totalled 21,125t from January to November worth $67.27 million, down 43.73 per cent in tonnes and 40.90 per cent in revenue, compared with January to November last year.