Danish Pig Numbers Stable

3 December 2012, at 8:09am

DENMARK - Results of the July Danish pig census published by Statistics Denmark show that overall pig numbers have remained relatively stable, with only a marginal decline from last year, reaching 12.47 million head.

The sharpest decline was a two per cent fall in sow numbers, while the numbers of piglets increased marginally.

This indicates a further improvement in productivity. Nevertheless, the recorded fall in sows suggests the pig herd could fall in the second half of 2012.

This is reinforced by the maiden gilt figures, which were down eight per cent year on year, suggesting further falls in the breeding herd are possible.

A UK's Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board report shows that Denmark has the EU’s third largest pig breeding herd and is the fifth largest producer of pig meat.

This means that it produces far more than can be consumed by its relatively small population and is, therefore, a major exporter.

Denmark is the leading supplier of imported pig meat to the UK and is a major supplier to many other EU Member States.

It also exports a significant number of weaners to be finished elsewhere, notably in Germany and Poland.

Further Reading

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