November Ag Products Index Up Compared to a Year Ago

by 5m Editor
4 December 2012, at 10:34am

US - The November All Farm Products Index is down 2.9 per cent from the October index but 10 per cent above the November 2011 index.

The November index for livestock and products is 3.1 per cent above last month and up 7.0 per cent from November 2011. According to the USDA's Agricultural Prices report, compared to the same period last year, prices are lower for hogs and turkeys.

The November index for meat animals is at 161, and remains unchanged from October, but 1.9 per cent higher than a year ago. The November beef cattle price of $123 per cwt is unchanged from last month but $3.00 higher than November 2011.

The November index for dairy products, at 169, is up 2.4 per cent from a month ago and 7.6 per cent higher than November last year. The November all milk price of $22.10 per cwt is up 60 cents from last month and $1.60 from November 2011.

The November price for all wheat, at $8.42 per bushel, is up 4 cents from October and $1.12 above November 2011.

The index for feed grains and hay is down 1.0 per cent from last month but 15 per cent above a year ago. Corn price, at $6.71 per bushel, is down 6 cents from last month but 88 cents above November 2011.

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