Pig Meat Production Rises in Australia

18 December 2012, at 1:47pm

AUSTRALIA - The volume and value of pig meat produced in 2011 were higher than the previous year, according to an ABARES report.

Overall gross livestock slaughter value was A$13,730.7 million in Australia in 2011-12, down from A$13,762.1 million the previous year, according to 'Agricultural Commodity Statistics 2012', the annual report from the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES).

However, the value of pig meat produced was A$933.7 million, up 1.6 per cent from A$919.1 million the year before.

Total pig numbers in 2011 were slightly lower than the year before but there were 10 per cent more breeding sows and gilts at 295,000 (Table 1).

One per cent more pigs were slaughtered in 2011 than the year before, and average slaughter weight increased from 73.4kg to 73.8kg, raising total production to 344,300 tonnes.

Compared to the previous year, imports in 2011 were lower and exports were higher.

Total consumption of pig meat in Australia in 2011 was 1.5 per cent lower than the previous year, and the per-capita average was down from 25.8kg to 25.0kg.

Table 1. Australian supply and use of pig meat
Unit 2010 2011
Pig numbers a '000 2,289 2,285
Breeding sows and gilts a '000 268 295
Slaughterings b '000 4,617 4,663
Average slaughter weight c kg 73.4 73.8
Production c kt 338.7 344.3
Imports cd kt 283.1 270.2
Exports cd kt 50.1 51.4
Total consumption ce kt 571.7 563.0
Consumption per person cd kg 25.8 25.0
a Livestock holdings on establishments with an estimated value of agricultural operations (EVAO) of A$5000.
b Excludes onfarm slaughter from July 2007.
c Carcass weight.
d Includes preserved pig meat.
e Apparent consumption.

Sources: ABARES; Australian Bureau of Statistics, Apparent Consumption of Foodstuffs, cat. no. 4306.0, Canberra; Australian Bureau of Statistics, International Trade, Australia, cat. no. 5465.0, Canberra; Australian Bureau of Statistics, Principal Agricultural Commodities, Australia, Preliminary, cat. no. 7111.0, Canberra; ABS, Agriculture, Australia, cat. no. 7113.0, Canberra; Australian Bureau of Statistics, Agricultural Commodities, Australia, cat. no. 7121.0, Canberra

Total pig count on 30 June 2012 stood at 2.159 million, down from 2.285 million the year before. There were some significant changes in the location of those pigs, with New South Wales and Victoria gaining at the expense of Queensland - still the nation's no. 1 pig state - South Australia and Western Australia. Tasmania recorded no change; no pigs were recorded in the Northern Territories and no data is available for Australian Capital Territory.

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