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EU, Paraguay Strengthen Livestock Ties

by 5m Editor
15 February 2013, at 8:14am

EU & PARAGUAY - The European Union and the Economic Integration Support of the Paraguayan Rural Sector (AIESRP) are together working on a program aimed at strengthening and developing field activities in the livestock sector.

The program aims to improve the competitiveness in the production of poultry, swine and dairy cows through human resources training and integration of production chains, and institutional strengthening in the field of trade of the Republic of Paraguay as well as the European Community.

The Paraguayan Vice Minister of the livestock industry opened the workshop with an introduction to competitiveness of value chains aimed at technicians and specialists from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

Nicanor Ing Invernizzi, representing the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock for the EU, thanked the great contribution of resources, and said it is a challenge at the country level to achieve competitiveness in the sector.

"Achieving competitiveness means getting quality for the best price and the ability to compete with other countries in these areas, which is difficult but not impossible," he added.

The ceremony was held in San Lorenzo. Among those present were authorities of MAG and the MAG System, representatives of the European Union and AIESRP Project and technical specialists in the area.

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