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French Meat Sector Calls for Country of Origin Protection

7 February 2013, at 8:28am

FRANCE - The French meat industry organisation SNIV-SNCP has called for a strong defence of country of origin labelling for French pork products from the pig industry agency Inaporc.

The meat industry organisation has written to the president of Inaporc calling on the agency to defend the words "born, raised, slaughtered and processed" following by the country of origin on labelling of pork products when it is making representations in Europe.

SNIV-SNCP said it is concerned that there are movements in the European Commission to have the labelling of fresh meat products and fresh meat as an ingredient in meat products labelled simply as EU or non-EU.

The meat industry organisation said that this would play into competitors hands and encourage an increase in imports.

IT said that French and European consumers are demanding more information on the country of origin and they want to know where the animals were born, reared, slaughtered and processed.

It added that it was essential to stress the French origin of products both on the domestic market and also for exports.

SNIV-SNCP added that the sector is facing a crisis in the European market through competitive distortions in the cost of labour, environmental factors and taxation.

"Our most economically efficient way to attain our goal is to differentiate ourselves," the organisation said.

"we are convinced that this approach is justified for both fresh meat and meat products."

The organisation warned that if French products are not protected then they face seeing their production relocated to countries where raw material supply is more competitive.

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