Scottish Pig Producers Hit out at Price Cuts

by 5m Editor
11 February 2013, at 10:59am

SCOTLAND, UK - Scottish pig producers have railed against unjustifiable and unexpected price cuts brought in by the processing sector.

Major processor Tulip and others have slashed the pig price by 3p per kg – or a drop of approximately 32.50 per pig sold.

NFU Scotland’s Pigs Committee Chairman, Philip Sleigh said: "When the whole food chain is focussed on delivering provenance and assurances, this price drop is a kick in the teeth to pig production here in the UK.

"Buying Scottish or UK pigs guarantees a short supply chain with complete transparency. There are no multi-country, multi-company movements of the kind that have clearly been factor in the whole horse meat debacle.

"Rather than undermining the viability of pig production here through price cuts, our processors and retailers need to remind themselves that UK pig meat exceeds all EU welfare provisions at a time when a significant amount of Europe's production remains not compliant.

"Scottish pig farmers are struggling with rising costs for grain and soya but continue to produce high quality produce. The supply chain should be seeking to support and reward their efforts rather than undermining them with price cuts at this time."