EPP-Congress 2013: Optimise the Potential

5 April 2013, at 4:04pm

DENMARK - The European Pig Producers (EPP) invites its members and interested persons to the annual meeting of the club from 29 to 31 May 2013 in Denmark.

The EPP-Congress, under the headline 'Today’s pig production – optimise the potential!', will be organised by the EPP head office and the EPP Danish branch in Vejle right in the middle of the country.

The region of Jutland has many typical Danish pig farms and companies, some of which will be visited during the programme.

Within the Congress, participants will learn about quality of pig production which is an essential issue for an exporting country like Denmark. The Danish approach to pig production and the reasons why pig farmers there took on the future challenges are only two topics which we will discuss there.

As well as the technical programme, EPP offers also a lot of social activities which are necessary to form an international network of pig farmers.

Please find below the direct links to the programme, its main sponsors and the online registration to the congress: