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French Pig Industry Argues over COOL

9 April 2013, at 8:54am

FRANCE - In the absence of any legal sanction, the French charcuterie industry federation, FICT, and the retailers' federation, FCD, have opposed proposals from the meat industry syndicate SNIV-SNCP to make country of origin labelling (COOL) compulsory on pig meat and processed foods.

At a recent meeting of the pig industry body INAPORC, the rest of the membership tried to convince the retailers and the charcuterie makers that there was a consumer expectation to have traceable products.

The line of argument included a commitment to developing a new, quality-based marketing strategy.

Inaporc circulated a statement to its membership in a bid to establish a common position.

It called on all those in the pig meat sector to "consolidate their application of the industry agreement signed in December 2010."

This was a commitment to clearly label any fresh pigmeat or manufactured products made from pigmeat of a single nationality.

As yet, there is no movement towards consensus on this position.

The INAPORC council met again on Tuesday and was once again to attempt to weld together a consensus industry position to meet French president François Hollande's demands that the meat industry must adopt clear labelling on the meat that goes into ready meals.